Our service is not only to take care of children, we also provide unforgettable experiences and memories in this amazing country of Japan. Your children will be able to experience this unique and fun culture with the nannies or babysitters we provide.

What we emphasize the most as priorities are children’s SAFETY and JOY. At the same time, we are happy to create comfortable job opportunities for women who would like to make the most of the English and caregiving skills they have. We aim to provide the most secure and comfortable nanny and babysitting services in Japan.


Akiko Yamaguchi

After working professionally as a nanny for 5 years in NYC, I decided to take my expertise to my home counrty and help mothers in Japan. I am proficient in English and have experience working in many different fields and careers. I’m currently working as an interpreter while tackling this bilingual babysitting service in Tokyo. Also, I used to be a jewelry designer and offered kid’s jewelry-making workshops. I’m friendly and open-minded. I like cooking, baking, reading and taking strolls. I’m not a smoker and I’ve been fully vaccinated.


My daughters had the best time with Aki, when they spent an evening together exploring the quirky shops of Harajuku and tasting new foods. We trusted Aki completely to take care of our three young girls and show them a super fun time in Tokyo. Aki is kind, creative, and funny. Also, she takes the responsibility of caring for kids very seriously.

Gianna, NYC

I’m delighted to be a reference for Akiko who I’ve known for several years during and since her time sitting in New York City. Although Akiko wasn’t our sitter, we saw each other almost daily since her children and mine went to the same school and we all became friends. We enjoyed play dates, and creative parties especially! Akiko and became friends because we are both artists and love to open up the world of creativity and imagination to children. I know Akiko is a fabulous, trustworthy, and loving guardian and she receives my highest recommendation.

Bryan Chadwick, NYC

Aki was my daughter’s friend’s babysitter and we’ve known her for two years. I can’t say enough good things about her. Not only is she responsible and fulfills her job requirements as a sitter, she goes above and beyond and treat the kids like her own. She is creative and engaging with the kids, always find ways to keep them entertained and educated. We moved away from NY 4 years ago, and my daughter’s fondest memory is being with her and the girls she took care of.

Julia, NYC


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